Refund Policy

We Digital VCards, accessible from, one of our main priorities is the satisfaction of our customers.

We are a Digital Visiting Card service provider. We provide 5 days extensive free trial for all the plans with no restrictions. 5 days free trial is completly for the user's benefit purpose.

In the trial period, they can use & experience all the premium features of the Digital Visiting Card for 5 days. Once the user is satisfied with our Digital Visiting Card features & service, then they can buy the Digital VCard plan with respect to their requirement.

Since we give the free trial, any Digital VCard purchase strictly considers as a confirmed choice, and thereby refund is not applicable at all.

If a user purchases a Digital VCard with or without usage of the free trial, he/she must read the return policy and Terms and Conditions properly before purchasing, as there won't be any return of money once the service is purchased.

A user must read the Refund Policy & Terms and Conditions carefully, before making any purchase, as there won't be any return of money once the service is purchased.

After purchasing the Digital VCard, if the user found any technical issues or any errors in the Digital VCard, then the user can report the issue to technical support through mail or call +91 99867 27275. After that our technical team will try to resolve the issues as soon as possible but the amount will not be refundable in any case.

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